Hi! I'm Mirelle, a specialist psychological counsellor in trauma and addiction.

My years of experience at South Africa’s top treatment centres have helped me craft an effective and powerful therapeutic approach.

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About me

I practice therapy from an integrated perspective, drawing on different schools of psychological approaches.
This helps me compose a unique therapeutic plan for each of my patients’ needs. I believe that each of my clients is different, and therefore needs to heal in the best way that suits them. I work as a team with my clients, this means that we discuss and put practical steps in place for what they feel most comfortable with to meet their healing needs. Through my experience, I believe that my clients find independence and empower themselves in this approach.
I hold a B Psych (Hons) and I am registered with the HPCSA. 
HPCSA: PRC0027480
Practice Number: 0637742

My Services

I specialise in mental health intervention and treatment at all levels of involvement. I work with individuals and family units. 

I also offer corporate speaking to educate workforces about the importance of mental health issues, ranging from addiction to self esteem. 

Currently, I also run daily outpatient groups at Journey Recovery and Wellness Centre

One-on-one psychotherapy that helps my clients with trauma, self-esteem and any other underlying mental health issues.

Creating healthy social dynamics by fostering compromise, understanding and the setting of boundaries. I find little more fulfilling than helping a family heal.

Whether its boosting the performance and efficiency of your workforce through the application of psychological techniques, or addressing sensitive issues such as addiction or sexual harassment, I’ve got you covered!

Therapy Groups

Elevate Support Group

Elevate Support Group is hosted online every Tuesday from 18h00 – 19h30. Elevate Support Group is a safe space for my clients to discuss and work through everyday challenges. From relationship struggles to financial dilemmas, we’ve got you covered! 

Evolution Support Group

Evolution Support Group is hosted online every Wednesday from 18h00 – 19h30. Evolution Support Group is solution-focused. We keep this space open for a few members which allows us the time to process each person’s challenge and leave with practical tools. 

Contact Information

Please feel free to reach out to me through any of the listed channels. Alternatively, leave your details below and I will get get back to you promptly. 

Please include your preferred method of communication as well as the services you are interested in and I will get back to you ASAP!